UBL's Services

Trade & Purchase

UBL is a logistics provider who works as a ONE STOP SHOP, as it provides import and export services by air or ocean as well as handling customs clearance and additional logistics needs.
Our expertise is in trade & procurement in Far East – especially China and Europe, South America and Africa. We offer a comprehensive solution to the entire purchase process.
From the Manufacturer to the customer’s door, from anywhere to anywhere in the world. Our team has a lot of experience working with different cultures. Our professional teams located around the world, which bring efficient and meaningful results to our clients.

Our mission is to save you time, money and risks in making overseas transactions.

As a company that offers the complete solution for you, we handle and assist in all stages of the purchasing process. After your request for quotation (RFQ) our team is locating various suppliers that meet your requirements to your existing products or for your development needs. After checking, we negotiate with the manufacturers and suppliers, with close monitoring and complete transparency in every stage.
UBL also handles the issuance of the required certificates in leading laboratories and provide additional services such as: quality inspections, supervision and factory audits. Our teams include accountants, quality control supervisors, sourcing specialists, lawyers and business consultants, and all this is in order to faithfully represent your interests and take care of the purchasing process for you.

Our logistics departments will take care of the shipping process of the products safely to you.

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