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Who are we?

ULTIMATE BUSINESS LOGISTICS Ltd (hence: UBL) was established in 2004.

UBL is a dynamic performance-driven company, providing skilled services in the shipping, logistics, project management and Trade & Purchase fields.
Our proactive and innovative approach has helped to deliver tailored logistics and shipping solutions to major clients in the oil & gas, energy and mining domains.
We are a team of project logistics and energy experts with a proven track record in the industry. We provide project-forwarding services to industrial clients and EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) companies, and we provide services to buyers and suppliers of large industrial goods, as well as heavy and over-dimensional equipment and modules.

Our Services

Airfreight, Seafriehgt & Inland Transportation

Heavy Lift & Engineering

Customs Clearance


Trade & Purchase

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Export of TBM machine from Israel to one of the Persian Gulf countries

Our Specializations

Oil & Gas Projects

deal with transport logistics associated with the construction, extension and rehabilitation of downstream plants, such as petrochemical plants, refineries, LNG and GTL plants. Special solutions for EPC clients are available.

Power Projects

address the specific logistics requirements of the power generation and distribution industry, including nuclear and renewable energy.

Mining Projects

deal with transport logistics for the construction / extension / rehabilitation of solid mineral surface or underground mines, processing plants and conveying systems.

Infrastructure Projects

cover logistics and transportation services for construction and civil engineering companies, as well as movements of individual out-of-gauge or heavy cargoes.

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Want to know more?

  1. Your freight forwarder should be able to handle all kinds of goods and ship from any port of China to world.
  2. Your freight forwarder should provide the best shipping solution possible.
  3. Your freight forwarder should provide competitive rates and a good service.
  4. Your freight forwarder should be able to communicate smoothly with all your suppliers.
  5. Your freight forwarder should provide other services such as container loading supervision, product classification, receipt and payment with foreign exchange, etc.
  1. To control shipping costs, you need to make sure you are using the best solution to ship your goods and use reasonable packaging to save space. To achieve this, choosing a good freight forwarder is the most important step.

Shipping line companies often change the ocean freight rates, so it is difficult for importers and exporters to calculate the shipping cost. It’s better to lock in a stable ocean freight rate with your freight forwarder for whole season or year.

During peak season lack of carrier space is very common. Our experience allows us to book space in the carrier a few days in advance for our old customers. There are no extra charges if we cancel the space even though the shipping goods are not ready yet.

Because of strong competition, some freight forwarders provide very cheap ocean freight, which translates to a high destination charge. The best solution is to balance the ocean freight and destination charge or choose the FCL service.

After your freight forwarder books space from the carrier, you can inquire about ETD and ETA based on the vessel voyage and BL number on the carrier’s tracking website.

  1. Package your shipping goods well.
  2. Reinforce your goods in the container.
  3. Load a reasonable amount of goods in the container.
  1. Under the Incoterms of FOB, the shipper often complains the forwarder from consignee, one is high local charge, another is bad attitude, so it is better to quote the local charge to shipper before book the space, and consignee should choose the good freight forwarder who should have a good communication with shipper, so the goods can be shipped to the consignee smoothly.